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Hi Mommy!

Thank you for visiting Flavour, Fashion and Fun.

We all know that being a mom is never easy. 24 hours a day is never enough that even one minute counts for a decent bath or meal time. The worst thing is that there isn’t any school to teach us how to be a good mother whilst we are expected to be the perfect one.

Flavour, Fashion and Fun is one of my ways to share my experiences, problem solutions, tips or anything that rocks my motherhood world in the hope that anyone of you could benefit from it.

Activities and Excursions describes places that are nice to be visited and some outdoor activities that can be enjoyed over the weekend. You can also see some recipes that may ease your meal preparation for the day in Easy and Simple Recipes. Flavour Reviews gives you insight on food or beverage that I have tested and would like to recommend it to you whilst In My Grocery Bag allows you to peep one or two items that I have bought and thought would be also usefull to you. If you want to find any tips or tricks on how to handle your children, problems and solutions please go to Mom and Kids section. And I have dedicated a special section for all my fellow women who has just been given the most wonderful gift in New Mommy.

Being a mom does not have to have a dull hair, pale face no make up and out of dated wardrobe. What to wear, how to look good and everything related to beauty you can find them in Mom and Beauty.

Last but not least I hope this blog can give the maximum benefits to all of you and you can enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy sharing it.

And remember, it does not matter what are you to the world when all you can be is the whole world to your children!

Happy Reading! ^_^

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